Experimental Design (click on Nancy’s logo above after viewing slides to see next project)

Deconstructed men’s shirt with linen supplemental fabric

Back view – repurposed front placket for back enclosure

12 yards of silk taffeta draped with hand-stitch cinching inspired by coxseed flower and Charles James Exhibit

Undergarment for draping design

Boned bodice – view of inside of understructure

Back view

Side view

Feathered handbag accessory – exploration as a hat

Felted wool skirt and cocoon coat – inspired by visit to Mutters Museum and slide of Einstein’s brain

Finished garment at critique

Back view

Undergarment – felted skirt

Close-up of exaggerated collar

Critique input – remove skirt and turn understructure inside out for couture dress – will need to now be intentionally constructed as garment with finished exposed seams

Promoting sustainability – Felted purse made out of study for skirt

Original felting process using golf balls and pool noodles to create volume and texture