Descience Fashion (click on Nancy’s logo above after viewing slides to see next project)

Hand and machine stitched using water soluble paper and over 80 bobbins of thread

Dual look designed for MIT Descience Fashion Global competition

Five-piece look with samurai-inspired pants and original print design for tights

Boston Runway: The judges selected Team Epic as one of the Top 15 runway looks in MIT’s Descience Fashion global competition which paired designers with scientists from around the world

Team Epic designed a whimsical child’s look to explain how Oral Tolerance & epigenetic work hand in hand to build a child’s immune system

Child’s look

Promoting sustainability – a child’s handbag was made of study for a felted gut

Embellished sandals depicting active DNA used for runway look

Original print 4-way stretch tights depicting immune cells

Oral tolerance in motion – representing the development of a child’s immune system in response to the environment

Diagram to show how fashion and descience merged to create a collaborative runway look to explain Epigenetics/ Oral Tolerance

Slide explaining process to create stitch-and-structure bolero process